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Can I Return The Clothing Hang Tag After Cutting?

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Now the clothes purchased on the market, including tops, pants, etc., will have their own clothing hang tags. If you have purchased these products and are not ready to use them, remember not to cut off the clothes tags. So if the clothes tag is cut, can it be returned? As a custom clothing hang tag manufacturer in China, Dehui will tell you.

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1. Whether the tag is the merchant’s own brand. If it is, he should have the custom clothing hang tags in stock. Return your clothes, and then he will re-hang his own tag. This should be no problem, so here In this case, I think it is perfectly possible to withdraw. It does not affect the merchant's second sale.

2. The brand is not owned by the merchant. It is sold by others and sold in batches. In this case, if you return the clothes and they don’t have a tag, then sell it for the second time. He can’t sell it without a tag. From this point of view, this product is incomplete and cannot be sold, just like she sold it to you for the first time. If there is no tag, you will not approve it. I think it is understandable not to return the goods.

Do not cut the tag after receiving the clothes. Try the clothes first. Check whether the fabric is what you like and whether the size of the clothes is appropriate. If it is suitable, you can remove the clothing hang tag. When removing the tag, try not to cut it. In this case, in case If it is not suitable, you can return it and put it back. In this case, no matter what the merchant is, whether it is his own brand, you can return the tag to him, and it will not affect the second sale on the shelf. Without any disputes, returns can be completed smoothly.

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