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A piece of international standard appearance hangs tags.

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China is a big country in the apparel industry, and every year it provides a large number of Made in China products to countries all over the world. Then these clothes sold worldwide need relative clothing hang tags to be legally sold locally. So what information should be on a piece of clothing hang tags.

First, the most eye-catching thing on a product's label must be the brand name and logo. Note that we are mentioning the company name of the brand and not the name of the processing plant. In addition to the name, there must be the address of the company or office. Suppose it is an imported product or an authorized product. In that case, there must be relevant information about the distributor and the trader, and a local language translation must be attached to the tag.

Secondly, the content on the tag is product-related information, such as size, color, material, origin, and raw materials. Also, fill in the relevant information of the qualified level following local laws and regulations.

Finally, there are generally some washing conditions labeling and inspection certification marks. Some products will be marked with product implementation standards and manufacturing processes.

These contents are the most critical piece of Apparel Hang Tags. Apparel hang tags of different manufacturers are slightly different but are similar. More content needs to understand the local industry standards and standards, and we are always at your service.

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