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New Environmentally Friendly Material -TPU

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TPU has been widely used in clothing and apparel because of its environmental protection, wear resistance, good elasticity, good hand feel, and good air permeability. TPU labels, such as: transparent elastic bands (also called shoulder straps or elastic bands), ladies shoulder straps (can be used on underwear or fashion clothing, play a transparent and invisible role or decorative role), TPU Belts (divided into two types, simple extrusion type and covered extrusion type), TPU tags for clothes, trim strips for down jackets and other fashionable clothing, etc.

TPU is a new type of environmentally friendly material

Materials are those substances used by humans to manufacture articles, devices, components, machines or other products, and are the basis for human survival and development. Materials can be divided into traditional materials (also called basic materials) and new materials (also called advanced materials). In the 21st century, new materials have developed rapidly, and polymer materials are one of them. TPU is a kind of polymer material and is a new type of environmental protection material.

The hardness of TPU is adjusted by the ratio of hard segments. TPU is a material containing -NH-COO- groups in the molecule. Long-chain diols and isocyanate components form the soft segment, and short-bonded diols and isocyanate components form the hard segment. Many characteristics of TPU depend on the type of long-chain glycol. Its hardness is adjusted by the ratio of hard segments. Its light aging properties can be improved by adding light stabilizers. It also depends on whether the isocyanate is aromatic or aliphatic.

With the development of society and the advancement of technology, TPU has become increasingly popular due to its superior performance, diversity of processing methods and environmental protection concepts. It has been widely used in many fields (daily necessities, sporting goods, toys, electronic appliances, industry, decorative materials, etc. ) Has been booming, such as partially replacing nitrile rubber to produce seals, partially replacing PVC and PE to produce wire and cable, replacing cast polyurethane (CPU) to produce elevator wheels and skateboard wheels, and spinning to make spandex. There are many brands of TPU and the quality is uneven. It is best to go through detailed evaluation and demonstration when choosing TPU, otherwise the best cost-effective result will not be obtained.

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