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5 tips for building your brand with product & packaging design

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Why does everyone around the world get excited when Apple, Nike, Samsung or Louis Vuitton release a new product? Many customers get excited about new products even before they discover all about them. Their expectations stem from loyalty to the brand.

These brands don't just build a strong name for themselves. They also learned how to present their products in a compelling and unique way. Product and packaging design can have a huge impact on how customers experience your brand.

Product design and branding are interrelated

Many companies don't realize the close connection between product design and branding. If a product is not designed, created, released and sold with the brand at its core, it undermines its own success. Products and brands should work together harmoniously, otherwise they will lose credibility or confuse the market.

When you design your product, think about what brand you want to build for your business. Here are five best practices to help you achieve synergy between your product and your brand.

Write your story as soon as possible

Before you get addicted to your product, put your brand story on it. Remember that without its history, values, mission, vision, and personality, an organization is universal and characterless.

To perfect the story you want to convey to the public, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What beliefs drive you and your company?

  • What sets your business and product apart?

  • How do you feel about business in years (or years)?

  • How does your product change consumers' lives?

Once you've answered these questions, it's easier to focus on your brand story -- and that story can help you make product development and packaging design choices.

Give your product a role

Don't think of package design as just a way to deliver a product. To truly convey a message, a story, or a brand identity through your product, you should think of it as a person. Yes, as in marketing, you're creating a persona -- but this time, it's for your product. This is where brand personality comes in.

Thinking of your product as a human being makes it easier to design packages that reflect the brand's personality and resonate with the target audience. Potential buyers will notice the authenticity and be drawn to the product before they even realize what it is. They'll know it's for them.

Don't overdo it

It's easy to give in to this temptation. In order to make the product the most compelling or unique, some companies overcomplicate the design. Sometimes these products get lucky and sell well, but they do little to build or strengthen a company's brand.

Don't over-embellish your product or packaging design. Stick to simple, clear concepts that are easy for your audience to understand. Often, the simplest and most elaborate designs will win the hearts of customers. (Click on Weibo)

Is consistent with the

Designer and author Robert Bruner once said, "Everything you do is to create the brand experience. So design is your brand."

Just as it is important to maintain brand consistency in marketing, it is also important to design product packaging that aligns with brand identity and values.

We're not saying you should put your logo on everything. But you do need the design to reflect the concept of your brand - the concept can be through the logo, typography, color, etc. Even if your product is different from your brand's aesthetic characteristics, it should be consistent with the brand's values.

Invest in packaging

Don't underestimate the impact of packaging design on your brand. Because your packaging tends to create the first connection between your customer and your product, it's often their first experience of your brand.

In addition to the time and money spent on product design, you should also think carefully about your packaging. Design packages to evoke emotions of excitement, joy, delight or surprise. Once you create a package that instantly connects with customers, your brand awareness and recognition benefits.

The key

An effective brand will help sell products and attract customers. If you want to get your customers excited about your new products before they launch, build a strong brand with these concepts.

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