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How to define the size of clothing hangtag tags?

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Dehui is one of the leading clothing hang tag suppliers, provides clothing hang tags wholesale in China, and often receives some users who need customized hang tags. When designing clothing hang tags, I don’t know how much the size of the tag is appropriate? Are there any rigid rules for the size of the tag? In response to this question, Dehui will give you an answer today.

1. What are the sizes of conventional custom hang tags?

There are four conventional tag sizes: 9*5.4cm, 4*4cm, 4*9cm, 9*9cm. These sizes are still very advantageous in terms of price for mass customization. General clothing tags are made of these four specifications. In order to highlight individuality or pursue uniqueness, companies can also design the tag into some other sizes according to their own requirements or product characteristics, such as round, triangular, oval, irregular, etc., so that the tag can be designed. It looks more exquisite, more artistic, and more luxurious. In order to strengthen the company's logo, the company's brand will leave a deep impression on consumers.

2. Are there any rigid rules for custom-made clothing tags?

There are no hard and fast rules for the size and shape of the custom tag. Users can design according to the tag style they like.

However, the printed content of clothing tag, according to the national standards GB5296.4-1998 and GB18401-2003, the textile and clothing tag and sewing label should be clearly marked with the following content: factory name, product name, ingredient content, washing method, specification Model, standard number, quality level, certificate of conformity and basic safety technology category of the product. Among them, the ingredient content, washing method, and specifications must be made into durable labels (sewn labels).


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